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Push box

A Box is an Interactive Element which features in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and Croc 2. There are many different types of boxes throughout the levels, the most common being the Smash Box.

Smash Boxes[]

A Smash Box can be stomped on by Croc to reveal a certain item. They appear as a cube shape with ? symbols around it, and look different depending on the level. They can only be tail-attacked while underwater. They can contain the following:

In some levels, Croc may encounter a Box Shuffling Game or Box Chasing Game, in which Croc must solve to get a Gobbo. See the articles for more details.

'Smash And See' Boxes[]

'Smash and See' Dantini

This type of box has nothing in them and only appears in the level Smash and See and is used to stomp on to defeat a spiky Dantini also unique to this level. They will walk across a line of this type of box and will fall into the bottomless pit when Croc removes a box. This is the only way to defeat these type of Dantini and is used to get a gold Key to open a LockedDoor.

Metal Boxes[]

This type of box only appears in the level The Tower of Power, and is found in a stack of four. Croc must attempt to push them in order to make steps to climb up, but they cannot be opened. If Croc accidentally causes them to fall on him, he will lose a life. There is a Red Button which will reset the stack to how it was if desired.

Push Boxes[]

Push box

A brown box with arrows painted on them. Croc can push these in a direction pointed by a path on the floor. They are used to reach higher places in the levels they are present in.

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