Little is known about this period in time, and only a few scarce details are available.


Return to the Gobbo KingdomEdit

After meeting his family, Croc returned to the Gobbo Kingdom, presumably to live with his adoptive family once and for all.

The Wedding of King RufusEdit

The wedding of King Rufus, as showcased in Croc Mobile: Volcanic Panic!, is the main moment in Gobbo history that showed Baron Dante 3 could return more than once. The disruption of a wedding of the head Gobbo is frowned upon by most monarch-approving Gobbos.

When Croc arrived, he found King Rufus distraught and the wedding chapel empty. Baron Dante had imprisoned the wedding guests and kidnapped Princess Tara. With King Rufus not in any fit state to go and rescue her, it was up to Croc, defeating Baron Dante for a third time.

Gobbo TimelineEdit

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