Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

Beavers are enemies found in Croc (Game Boy Color).



Beaver in the shed

Beavers are the same colour as gobbos in this game, and some players may even mistake them for one the first time they play through the game due to how they even imitate the gobbos' actions.

Usually, beavers wait in a building labelled 'Beavers Shed', leaping up and down in the same manner that gobbos do while waiting for Croc to rescue them. But when Croc gets too close, the beaver will storm him, running out of the building and continuing straight until they've left the area or Croc has defeated them with a tail-whip or a stomp.

Levels found[]


  • The beavers are the only enemies to imitate Gobbos in the franchise.
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