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You’re the only chance they have. You must help! Can you imagine what it’s like for a Gobbo being all alone?

–Beany the bird

The Beany Bird Gong

Beany the Bird (or just Beany) is a magical yellow bird with black wings that was summoned by King Rufus to rescue Croc when Baron Dante was rampaging Gobbo Valley. She appears only in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.


At the end of each level, there is a Beany Bird Gong which must be rung to complete the level. After Croc has done so, she will appear and raise Croc, whisking him away to his next adventure. She follows Croc on his adventure, helping him out with traveling.

Beany does not appear in Croc 2, and is never mentioned. The Beany Gong is replaced by a gong with a crocodile paw print on the side, however not every single level contains a gong, simply having you exit through the entrance.


  • When Croc defeats Neptuna, Beany appears wearing a scuba mask. This is the only instance of this, since it is the only level where Croc can finish underwater.
  • In the continue screen after choosing "No". A scene will play seeing Croc sadly walking away then Beany Bird slowly approaches him.
  • She is seen in the V0.12 Beta but instead of whisking Croc off to the next level and appearing on the Gong, she instead appears in an early version of the Box Shuffling Game.
  • It is possible that her absence in Croc 2 is due to her living on the Archipelago, or simply because she no longer fit the game mechanics for Croc 2.
  • The only quote from her is seen in the instruction manual. This is due to the original game lacking speech.
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