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Baron Dante Returns is the second and final guardian level in Croc Mobile: Volcanic Panic!.

How to Defeat[]

Baron Dante throws out rolling stones towards Croc. To hit him, you must enter one of the rows of spikes (after they have disappeared) and wait for him to throw a boulder at you on this line. But be careful - the spikes won't stay down forever, and you may need to move off them if he takes too long to strike.

If successful, the stone will roll right back into him and hit him. Once this has been done, move to the next row of spikes and continue. The row of spikes you just used will remain up, and if you're on the wrong side, you'll have to go down to the south end of the screen and avoid the two rolling stones here to move to the other areas. Whilst you're here, you can also pick up a heart at the south-west end of the map.

Once Baron Dante has been hit 3 times, the level will be cleared, and the ending sequence will play.