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Baron Dante's Secret World is a world created by Baron Dante to imprison three Crocodile Eggs that he kidnapped. It is a small world that contains mimics of the real Gobbo Villages, but instead of containing Gobbos, it has lots and lots of Dantinis. All of the Guardian levels and Swap Meet Pete Shops are closed, probably because Dante created the world, not the inhabitants, and then stashed the Eggs in it and then posted Dantini guards around it.

This world is likely within the N'th Dimension.


The secret world has three Gobbo Village mimics:

Secret Sailor Village

Level name Level photo

Replaced level

Secret Sailor Village Level 1
Find the Key! Save the Gobbo!
Secret Sailor Village Level 2
Find 5 Lost Treasure Chests
Secret Sailor Village Level 3
Sailor Tribe - Secret Mine
Secret Sailor Village Level 4
Save the Bird from the Thief

Secret Sailor Village Level 5

Get the Gobbo's Sandwich!

Secret Cossack Village

Level name Level photo Replaced level
Secret Cossack Village Level 1
Save the Ice Trapped Gobbos!
Secret Cossack Village Level 2
KaBoom! It's Roger Red Ant
Secret Cossack Village Level 3
Chase the Choo Choo Train
Secret Cossack Village Level 4
Hang Glider Valley
Secret Cossack Village Level 5
It's Just Snowball Madness!

Secret Caveman Village

Level name Level photo Replaced level
Secret Caveman Village Level 1
Find the Wheels in the Jungle!
Secret Caveman Village Level 2
Find the Wheels in the Mine!
Secret Caveman Village Level 3
Caveman Tribe - Secret Mine
Secret Caveman Village Level 4
Climb the Devil's Tower!
Secret Caveman Village Level 5

Save 50 Trapped Gobbos!

Each village contains a Crocodile Egg in a cage that Croc must rescue.

Rescuing the Crocodile Eggs[]

Each Croc Egg is in a cage that can only be opened with five colour crystals (red, blue, yellow, green, purple). In each Village Mimic, there are five open levels. Each level (which are shortened, modified versions of the original levels) contains one coloured crystal at the end of it. Whenever Croc gathers all five coloured crystals in a village mimic, he can go to the locked up Croc Egg in that village and use the crystals to free and collect it. After Croc completes a Village Mimic (collects all five coloured crystals, rescues Croc Egg of that village) he may then move onto the next, until he rescues all three eggs, then he may escape that abomination of a world.


  • There is no Inca Village Mimic, probably because there are only two levels in the original Inca Village, there would not enough levels in the mimic to contain all five color crystals.
  • The only inhabitants of Baron Dante's Secret World are Dantinis.
  • There are no Guardians in the secret world.