Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

A few Croc Backpacks were made as promotional prizes for the release of the first game. They were created by various companies, with different types of releases.


Like most Croc Merchandise, they can be extremely difficult to track down, as only a limited number were ever produced, and none were available purely through retail, although a couple could be 'purchased' as part of a gift set.

There are 3 known backpacks/rucksacks. So far, they have all shown to be intended to help promote the first game, and none have been found in relation to the sequel.


Image Company Information
CrocBackpack 0.preview Argonaut Quite possibly the most sought after backpack. This brown backpack was designed to look just like the one Croc himself wears. It was available as a contest prize for an Argonaut contest and a Fox Interactive Contest, and a total of 40 were given out as prizes. It is unknown if any additional ones were made.
IMG 1687 Dixons This navy blue backpack was given to people who ordered Croc: Legend of the Gobbos from the now-defunct chain of stores known as Dixons. It features Croc holding a Gobbo.
IMG 0620-1-11 Unknown This backpack was given as a bonus when purchasing Croc: Legend of the Gobbos on PC. The image of Croc holding a Gobbo is embroidered.
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