Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

BONUS Letters are items found in Croc (Game Boy Color).



Croc finds a 'B'

The letters come in five colours = green, yellow, red, pink and blue. These colours always represent the same letter (green B, yellow O, red N, pink U, blue S).

On each normal level there are five letters hidden throughout. If Croc locates and obtains all five to spell out Bonus, he will be allowed to enter the bonus door at the end of the level.

Each bonus area is a mini-game. If Croc completes it successfuly, he will be able to save the final gobbo of the level.


Croc with all the letters

Care should be taken - if Croc hits the Gong at the end of the level, he will not be able to enter the bonus level.

You can check which letters you have currently by examining the bottom right of the screen.


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