Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

Allies in the Croc series are characters who are in league with Croc, the main protagonist in the series. They are against the Enemies who are generally evil and will cause disruption to the protagonists and their way of life.


Name Description Image
Croc's Family Croc's parents and siblings are minor characters that only appear in the end of Croc 2. It is because of their message that the Croc 2 adventure happens.
Croc's Family
Hippo Hippo is described as one of Croc's friends. When Croc jumps onto Hippo's head, he will spring upward.
HippoArtwork 00000
King Rufus King Rufus is the single most powerful Gobbo in the Gobbo Archipelago. It was he that rescued Croc and raised him as his own, making King Rufus Croc's adoptive father. 
King Rufus
Mainlad Kings These kings rule the four known Mainland villages, which is where most of the Croc 2 story takes place. 
Professor Gobbo The Professor Gobbo is the only Gobbo to witness Baron Dante's resurrection. He is also helpful to Croc, helping him defeat Baron Dante and even helping him find his parents.
Beany the Bird Beany the Bird is a magical yellow bird with black wings that was summoned by King Rufus to rescue Croc when Baron Dante was rampaging Gobbo Valley. She also transports Croc between levels in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.
Beany Bird
Swap Meet Pete Swap Meet Pete is a cat who appears in Croc 2. He serves as both the resource for Items and transportation throughout the game. He has shops in all of the villages, and he can send Croc between them using a Magic Crystal Ball.