Croc: Wiki of the Gobbos

All Together Now is the sixth level in the Croc Tech Demo and the Croc V0.12 Beta. It is replaced in the final release by the level Darkness Descends.


Tech Demo[]

Avoid the Jumpys and smash the Smash Box to grab some Crystals. Head through the first door.

Follow the path straight ahead, using the crumbling platform to leap over the lava. Avoid the Jumpy and turn the corner. Leap over this crumbling platform and again avoid the next Jumpy. Exit to outside.

You'll be in a large area with a lavaless pit in front. Avoid or defeat the Jumpys and rescue the gobbo in the distance. Exit through the door nearest to him.

Move forward and use the driving platform to reach the gobbo. Exit through the door.

Turn around and use the Climbable Wall to the side. Leap up on the platforms with the crystals and avoid the Jumpys. Before you enter the door, use the climbable wall to the side and you'll find the last gobbo here to be rescued. Save it, leap down and exit the level through the door.

V0.12 Beta[]

Move across the log and defeat the worm. Push the box over to the Monkey Bars, and leap on top of them. Grab the first crystal - it's actually the B. Continue along and grab the other crystal, which turns out to be the O. Smash the trio of smash boxes and the last box will contain the first gobbo of the level. Tail-whip the Worm in a Well and enter the well.

You'll have to play a Box Chasing Game. Do so to rescue the second gobbo. Exit the area through the door. Back outside, use the floating platform to reach the grass at the other side, and leave through the door here.

Defeat the Jumpy and smash the boxes if you'd like. Then use the moving Rafts to continue in the direction of the two crystals. Leap onto their platforms and grab them to find the N and U. Defeat the bee and continue heading toward the grass ahead. At the end, leap to the bridge, which will crumble if you stay too long. Smash open the smash box in front of the door to rescue another gobbo and proceed through the door.

Out here, turn around and use the climbable wall next to the door you just came through to reach the next area. Around this stretch of land there's a smash box - smash it and save the gobbo within, then use the small platforms to reach the top, defeating the Jumpy's on the way. Smash open the smash box here to save another gobbo. Get close to the wall where the bonus door is and use the climbable wall to climb up to an area where the S rests on a platform. Grab it and head down, entering the bonus door.

In the bonus area, leap on to the bridges to reach the other side. On this side, leap up to the lone platform and then to the next, finally leaping to the monkey bars at the top. Follow the monkey bars around to the beginning of this area and leap across the four crumbling platforms to save the final gobbo at the end on his own platform.

Exit the bonus room area and strike the Gong to complete the level.

Different Versions[]

Tech Demo[]

Room Contains Image
Number 1 A fairly large area with logs, two Jumpys, a Smash Box, a caged gobbo (that you'll never rescue) and an area sealed off by prison bars.
Number 2 Two Jumpys, two Smash Boxes, a crumbling platform over lava and a moving platform over lava.
Number 3 Two Jumpys, two Smash Boxes, a gobbo, a grate for the lava and a log.
Number 4 A gobbo, a switch, a driving platform and four crystals over a large lava pit.
Number 5 Two smash boxes, some platforms, crystals, two jumpys, two climbable walls and a gobbo.

V0.12 Beta[]

Final Release[]