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• 6/27/2015

Croc 2 (PS1 PAL Version): door for secret level doesn't open


I am not sure if this is a sort of weird bug or I am just missing something, but I decided to post here to see if any of you guys know how this could possibly happen.

First of all I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section, but I didn't know where to post something like this.

Now, about the issue: I just finished the game and I wanted to unlock the secret villages.

In order to do that I should get all the Golden Gobbo Statues and then all the jigsaw pieces. Well, everything was going fine but, when I reached the door of the first secret level (the one in the Sailor village), it wouldn't open, for some unknown reasons, even though I got the 5 required statues.

I tried going through all levels to get the statues again, but it was no use. I can't get them more than once of course...

So, does anyone know how this bug triggered and a possible fix of it? I was thinking about bypassing that door somehow, but Croc 2's physics aren't very helpful... If you are aware of a way to bypass the door for the secret level, please do tell!

Here are some screenshots which, hopefully, speak by themselves.

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• 6/29/2015

Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately it seems you've hit a glitch. If it's on the PS1 you're probably going to have to start it again I'm afraid. Unless you have saved before hitting the glitch (or maybe before playing the secret levels in case the glitch is somehow triggered there) maybe you could just start from before the secret levels to see if it happens again. Have you completed the game before? Maybe the disk is scratched or needs a clean. You could also save and load it again if you haven't tried already.    

• 6/29/2015

Thank you!

Well yeah, I'm playing on a PS1 and, unfortunately, I just have one affected save. :/

Actually, some days ago I started a new game to check if I could get different results. Surprisingly the door opened and I managed to complete the level. That means that this glitch triggers only if you do something specific first, I wonder what exactly though.

By the way, I had never played this game before, only a demo and Legend of the Gobbos. The disk is in good condition, so It definitely wasn't the cause.

I reckon I will have to try completing the other save, which seems unaffected (so far).

I still think that there may be a way to bypass the door and get into the warp, but I am not sure If it's worth the time. Thank you for your help anyway. :)

• 6/29/2015

Good luck whatever you do :D Good luck wha  

• 10/29/2018

Golden Gobbo statues can be used in any village. You have probably opened Golden Gobbo doors in the next village... So collect all Golden Gobbo statues in the next village and come back.

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